Heera Group is in the service of the Nation.

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Heera Group is not just a conglomerate of 20 companies. It is not just a setup to earn profit. There is a fundamental reason behind this giant empire. Nowhera Shaik set up this empire with a mission to fight injustice. It is a dream where women and men are treated equally. The CEO of Heera Group wants equal opportunities for men and women. To make this dream real, she strives hard in the path of liberty. She makes sure that no one can stop this mission. She wants to leave a legacy that will keep running until the end of the world so that no one can be deprived of education.

Nowhera Shaik aim is to help poor and needy people. The main reason behind setting this whole business is to help every person who is in need. However, their main focus is to educate women in rural parts of India. And empower them so that they don’t need anyone to live a happy life. In India, the situation of rural women is significantly worse. They are confined to home. Nowhera Shaik is also a rural woman and knows the situation there. She can get out of the confinement and now wants to help others. She wants to encourage other women to hold the rope of life in their own hands.

Nowhera Shaik is a rural woman.

Nowhera Shaik had to strive hard in her sacred mission. She has to face resistance from this patriarchal society. When Nowhera started the business, people made fun of her. They tell every terrible thing about her business they can. They warn her that her company can’t stay longer than one month. She never gets demotivated by the mockery of the people. She knows her future goals, and she concentrates on them without getting distracted by the ill intention of other people. Nowhera focused on her plans, and she became successful.


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