Heera Group is going digital in the future.

Heera Group is heading toward digitalization, and everything is going to be digital soon. Nowhera Shaik is a supporter of the Digital India campaign, and she decided to make her organization digital.  Heera Group will be fully digitalized and all its data will be stored in the cloud which will be safe and secure. We are working on a cloud based solution and it will not have data problems in the future. They have been working towards the expansion of the company in the international market. Heera Group is ready to bounce back in fully digitalized form. Cloud is developed as a way to share data faster and more effectively.  Soon they will introduce a series of products as a part of Heera Group’s expansion in the international market.

The Heera Group team has been working to reshape the structure of the company.

The Heera Group team has been working to reshape the structure of the company. Everything will be smooth and systematic in the Heera Group 2.0.  As a part of the Heera Group digital campaign, Nowhera Shaik launched the Heera Digital world app. The app is an initiative from Heera Group to make people reach for one of the purest forms of gold. Heera Digital Gold is a new product in the market and it will bring revolution. Heera Digital World provides new-age investment options to its investors. Heera Digital World is equipped with all the next-gen features. Metal lovers from across the globe can directly purchase Gold online.


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