Heera Group is a reputable institution that offers safe and secure investment programs.

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Heera Group is one of the most reputable institutions for safe investment programs. Its headquarters is in Singapore. Nowhera Shaik has no stone unturned to improve the lives of people in our society and our community.
Heera Group has always advocated for Halal sources of money in society because Islam forbids the usage of Haram means of income. Many Muslims primarily link Halal with food; Nowhera Shaik underlines the importance of making money following their religious beliefs. It is incredibly vital for Muslims to make sure that their earnings are Halal, According to Nowhera Shaik
Profits are comprised of more than simply salaries and sales; they can contain income gained through investments. Heera Group, as an institution, worked on securing investment programs for clients.
Halal investment program
Heera Group pioneered Halal investment solutions, which were among the most reliable and secure investment vehicles available. Furthermore, it has never let its halal money-loving consumers down, and customers have also put their faith in the company and invested their hard-earned money. The establishment of halal Investment to promote halal earning in the society was welcomed and supported by the community, which deposited massive quantities of cash in the secured investment program.
Following our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s religion and teachings, the Heera halal investment plan offers millions of people the opportunity to gain money (PBUH). It has long encouraged people to put their money into safe investment programs and earn money in a halal manner because Islam forbids the making of haram revenue. We have attracted millions of small and medium-sized investors, and Alhamdulillah’s Allah has commanded them to only invest in halal sources, thanks to our Halal investment scheme.
Nowhera Shaik said that “Investment of hard-earned money into a safe investment plan has become the most important obligation of investors in today’s world of financial security. However, I would want to express my gratitude to the millions of investors who have placed their trust in me and the Heera Group by investing their hard-earned money. Allah, insha’Allah, will always be gracious to you. Thank you very much, Allah khair”.


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