How Heera group of companies marked its presence in the field of business?

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Nowhere Shaik founded Heera group companies in 1998. The main aim of the same was to help people through her business. We all know her as a successful businesswoman and a politician, but she is much more than that. She is the kind of person who knows how to respect others regardless of their caste, creed, religion, and race. It was her positive attitude that had a great positive impact on her business as well. She possessed all the required qualities that a successful business person must possess.
Heera Group companies marked their presence in every sector. Due to her diligence and positive aim, she successfully made the leading business empire of India. In no time, Heera group of companies earned huge profit and their worth exceeded 2000 crore. It is not an easy process to become so successful, and especially when you are a woman.
Heera gold was basically started as a small family business, which soon reached a fortune 18 company in almost less than three years.

Nowhera Shaik founded Heera Group companies with an aim to help the society

Initially, it was started when Nowhera Shaik used to buy jewellery from goldsmiths. From 1997 to 1998, she decided to grow her circle by inviting some women who invested in her business. Whatever the profit she earned, she distributed it equally among three groups.
In 2008, The first firm was started as a small group of women decided to expand their business, now recognized in various countries. Her business and firms are now located in India, UAE, and various middle east countries of the world.
Heera Group companies provide their services in various firms like FMCG, Tours & Travels, E-Commerce, Hospitals, Gold Trading, Textiles, Jewelry, Mineral Water, Retail, Granite, Electronics, and, real estate finance, etc.
The struggle of Nowhera Shaik in building this business empire is inspiring for many women across the world.


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