Heartiest Congratulations to Dr Nowhera Shaik on her Birthday

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 Dr Nowhera Shaik is an inspirational Indian entrepreneur and politician who was born on September  21st. She is in her late 40s, but her soul is working as a young man to reach new heights in life. Dr Nowhera Shaik is determined not only to improve her life but also to other young women. She is famous as the Iron Lady, who never gave up and continued all the hustle and bustle.

Her various initiatives for the welfare of the society:

Dr Nowhera Shaik has a well-known business organization as Heera Group. The company is involved in various business sectors, including gold import, trading, jewellery, textiles. All the money earned from her business is directed towards the betterment of women and society.

Moreover, there were millions of reasons, Why women would run after their ambitions for millions of reasons why society shouldn’t tell them. When Dr Nowhera Shaik spoke of contributing to the development of humanity, but she did not show any appreciation. However, what is remarkable is that she created this opportunity, which served as a stepping stone to the top of the powerful, empathetic and ever-changing corporate world.

Getting respect at different times for good work:

She has received various honorary awards at different times just for her work. Mumbai Ratan Award 2013 for Outstanding Contribution to Education and Human Services, Bharat Gaurav Award 2014, Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award 2013, Best New Commerce Brand Winner Award and Best Business Leadership Award for Industry Development.

She has achieved many things but on her birthday. We wish she gets better energy and strength to do better and fulfil all her dreams. We want to thank her for all the good, She has done and is trying again and again, without fail. I wish her a long life on this special day. She is a blessing to people of all levels.


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