While the media has presented just half-truths, here is the whole truth about Nowhera Shaik.

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Nowhera Shaik is a religious woman who is also a dedicated worker who has worked for women’s equality and liberty. It has taken her the better part of my life to fight for the rights of women and girls in my society.
Even though she has been represented as a cheat and a phony by some sections of the mainstream media. The media has given her several monikers, but she always believed that Allah and her true allies are well aware of her true identity
They are well aware that Nowhera Shak will die, but she cannot defraud her investors and followers. Being a Nowhera Shaik in the present world is difficult because the patriarchal world does not allow you to stand up in front of them and speak your mind. With her hard work and determination, she was able to overthrow the patriarchy.

Being a Nowhera Shaik comes with a lot of duty.

Nowhera Shaik has completed all of her responsibilities, and she is grateful to everyone who has helped her. She has fulfilled her commitment to educating thousands of girls from underprivileged and backward backgrounds.
She fought every battle with courage and dignity and won every one.
Even if you make the right choices, life is not simple, but one thing is sure: if you make the wrong option, things will only become worse. Throughout fact, it was well aware of it from the beginning and had always adhered to the “glass full of water” attitude in life.
Nowhera Shaik said that “I am a lady who determines the significance of a certain action based on the circumstances. I live in a place where women are not typically seen as business owners. However, I abandoned the pursuit of a comfortable future to pursue a career more in line with my personality. Even if the patriarchal world didn’t want me to be successful, my devotion and hard work have made me a role model for millions of women worldwide. Inshallah, I will remain committed to the cause of women’s emancipation at all times”.


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