Dr Nowhera Shaik announced that she will refund back the money to people , invested in Heera Gold Scheme

Heera Gold

Dr. Nowhera Shaik introduced the investing scheme Heera Gold for those people who were struggling economically and to help them by providing business opportunities with a very small investment. Dr. Nowhera Shaik, A renowned businesswoman and politician of India, marked her presence in every sector with her determination and positive attitude. She proved that you could achieve anything if you are determined enough to achieve your goals. And if you are Nowhera shaik, you don’t care about the limits set by society or the people around you.
In a men-dominated society, It is hard for women to showcase their talent due to lesser opportunities in every sector. No matter how much we say that there should be gender equality, We still see the inequality.

Dr Nowhera Shaik started the Repayment to the investors of Heera gold scheme

Dr. Nowhera Shaik, with her positive attitude, attracted people towards her, and they welcomed this investment scheme. All was going well until she was targeted as political rivalry and false allegations were made on the lady of honor. Her investment scheme was called fraudulent, and Hyderabad police arrested her.
This situation caused unrest among the investors of the Heera gold scheme. Since their leader was out of sight, many of the investors asked for the repayment since they belonged to a poor economic background, and they stopped getting monthly payments due to Nowhera shaik’s arrest. This was used as bait by her enemies and called her scheme fraudulent. But Nowhera shaik announced that her company would repay those investors who asked for repayment. Investors are free to choose their will, and we will act accordingly. Still, after this announcement, many investors decided not to quit and stood by their leader in her difficult time, and they hope that the king will soon return to a jungle.


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