Dr Nowhera Shaik: An angle for poor and middle-class people.

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Dr Nowhera Shaik is the Queen of the business world and a successful boss; she is the breaker of all records. Nowhera Shaik does not hail from a royal family, and she earned the title through her hard work and dedication. Her determination consolidated her stable and lucrative position in the business world. Nowhera Shaik was like a storm when it came to her career and dreams, A tornado, to be more precise, A tornado that wiped away every hurdle that stood between her and her goal.

Nowhera Shaik started Heera group with small initiatives and now has turned her dream into a 1 lakh crore business. She is the most successful and popular lady in India and South India. Police arrested her for an alleged scam, which she was not even a part of. Her arrest was mainly because she promised to launch a political party to work for women’s cause, but she is back again. Nowhera Shaik came out of jail after facing various mental and physical atrocities. This time the Queen is more cautious about every step and decision she makes.

Nowhera Shaik, the self-made businesswoman

Nowhera Shaik is the daughter of a small businessman and hails from an impoverished family. For a daughter of a small businessman to one of the wealthiest women, it’s not easy, but her hard work and passion made her Queen of India. Dr Nowhera Shaik is the self-made Queen of Indian business; she owns a property worth 1 lakh crore. She has earned every praise through hard work and never cheated any of her investors.
The title “Queen of India” suits her because she has been reigning fiercely over her empire. Heera Group has a strong base all over India; above all, she has lakhs of clients overseas.


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