Nowhera Shaik is one of the most well-known businesswomen in the world.

Nowhera Shaik

Dr Aalima Nowhera Shaik also known as Nowhera Shaik was born on 21st September 1973 in Tirupati, India. Nowhera Shaikh is the CEO and founder of Heera Group. Heera Group is an Interest-Free business group that has a global presence in India, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Ghana, etc. She is one of the greatest followed businesswomen and impresarios of India. Shaik had recently launched a political party, named All Indian Mahila Empowerment Party (MEP) and is the current national president of MEP. Ms Nowhera Shaik started her business to support her charitable activities. She is lifetime Vice-President of the women’s wing of the International Human Rights Association-India.

Nowhera did her basic education from a Madrasa and later enrolled in the Open University of Kolombo and got an MBA degree. She started her career as a spiritual educator and had opened a Madrasa for underprivileged Muslim girls. She ventured into the diamond trading business in 1998 which became Heera Group in 2008. As she was the oldest in the family, she had to take on a lot of responsibility. She worked hard along with her mother selling vegetables and simultaneously studied in school.

Apart from running an efficacious business, she is also known for her humanitarian work and liberator of children, women, and even men in anguish and need. She is an Islamic scholar and a human rights activist. She is also involved in many humanitarian and charitable activities. Dr Nowhera is an eventual visionary having full ethics and plan on what she indulges and accomplishes. The education of girls was one of her areas of enormous involvement.

Dr.Nowhera Shaik works as a Social Reformer; She strongly believes in Women Empowerment

As she grew, her viewpoint towards the world grew too and her understanding of the injustice towards women ripened too. As an entrepreneur, she is always striving for opportunities to address philanthropical requirements without compromising on her views and ideologies. In politics, she entered with a moral cause to intensify the political participation of women. Nowhera Shaik is a lady with strong determination has dedicated her time, money and energy for a cause of empowerment and upliftment of woman and deprived.


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