Did CCS and Investigation Officer Hand over data to Heera Group?

Dr. Nowhera Shaik

Supreme Court has allowed Nowhera Shaik to operate her business again. She is ready to repay her investors but she can do it without all data. Hyderabad Central Crime Station had seized the data of Heera group when Heera group was accused for operating illegal investment schemes. Now when truth has won and Nowhera Shaik has received green bell from the judiciary for running her business, she has no access to her own company’s data. Central Crime Station had received instruction too from the state authority to provide data to the group so that they may repay their investors but still no response is there.

Nowhera Shaik has already stated in a press conference that Heera group has sufficient property to refund money to its all investors, it is only they need complete data of their company. She also demonstrated towards that fact that CCS has to provide them data to function all the business activity. Nowhera Shaik has ensured that all her business models were legal and fair. Heera group would never cheat its investors. The company is trying every day to repay its all investors very soon.

Investigation officers involved in this case, have to respond quickly for the quick action. They need to cooperate with Heera group so that Heera group can maintain the welfare of investors. Company is awaiting the response of CCS and investigation officer. The duration of repayment to all investors depends that how soon CCS provides data to Heera group.


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