Contributions Of Nowhera Shaik In Building a Better World

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Nowhera Shaik is an Indian Entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Heera Group, hailing from Tirupati locale in Andhra Pradesh, India.
The following are some of her achievements in making a better society.

1) AIMEP Party By Nowhera Shaik

Heera Group is a group of twenty organizations with its central command in Hyderabad, and it was founded in India, the United Arab Emirates, and other Middle Eastern nations. She is additionally the CEO and President of All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP), which works under the standard “Equity for Humanity.”

Motto Of AIMEP:

Ladies in India become survivors of grave social injustice every day. The best way to abolish what is going on is to teach ladies and allow them an opportunity to stand on their own. Her AIMEP party manages women empowerment, child labor, and justice, making ladies ready to conquer the boundaries. On November 16, 2017, this Party was established to energize ladies’ cooperation in Indian legislative issues. She accepts that enabling ladies prompts engaging bigger society and, in this manner, the country.

Ismail Educational Trust:

Besides, she is the legal administrator of Ismail Educational Trust, which gives academic and religious education to more than 1000 young ladies from the conservative segment of the general public. She is additionally an educationist and a philanthropist. She has set up two educational organizations for poor people and the needy; one in her old neighborhood, Tirupati, and the other at Chandragiri, Andhra Pradesh which give free and quality schooling. The Heera School and College for ladies at Tirupati is a free educational foundation with a residential area for young ladies.

Her Philanthropic exercises:

Nowhera Shaik Philanthropic exercises likewise extended to the clinical field by laying out Heera Mobile Clinic, which offers quality clinical types of assistance to thousands of poor residents across Andhra Pradesh. Everything about her devotion towards the upliftment of the general public, particularly ladies and kid government assistance. Her life values mirror her Party’s plan, and we should all help her assemble a solid Nation.


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