‘Bhai-Lang’ is a JavaScript-based programming language created by two Indian ‘brothers’.

'Bhai-Lang' Is A JavaScript-Based Programming Language

There’s a new programming language on the block. Using Typescript, the “Bhai-lang” toy programming language was created. It makes programming appear to be a lot more enjoyable.
What exactly is Bhai-lang?
A brother is referred to as “Bhai” in Hindi. Users must enter “hello Bhai” as the entry point code and “bye Bhai” at the end of every sentence to communicate in the language. All code put within these tags will be valid. However, all code written outside of them will be ignored.
Programmers would be compelled to utilize the phrase “Bhai ye hai” to declare variables. Variables can have a variety of values and functions assigned to them depending on the programmer’s needs. Javascript has never sounded so straightforward!
The whole directory of utilizing built-ins, conditionals, and loops while programming in the experimental Javascript program may be seen on the GitHub page for “Bhai-lang.”
Users can experiment with code on the website’s playground feature, which allows them to run commands and tasks in Bhai-lang while having fun. With signifiers such as “jab tak Bhai,” “bol bhai,” and other similar expressions, the bro-inspired language makes fun of talks between brothers. They claim that the language was born out of an inside joke between the authors.


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