Amazon Accused of Illegally Threatening Workers During Union Vote in NYC Warehouse

According to a judge, Inc. violated US labour laws by threatening to withhold raises and benefits from workers at two New York City warehouses if they decided to unionize.

In recent news, allegations have surfaced claiming that Amazon, one of the world’s largest online retailers, broke US labour laws and threatened NYC warehouse workers ahead of a union vote.

It is reported that Amazon interfered with the employees’ right to form a union by coercing and intimidating them, creating a hostile work environment, and using tactics aimed at preventing workers from exercising their right to organize. The company is accused of spreading misinformation about unions and the consequences of unionizing, threatening workers with the loss of job opportunities and benefits if they voted in favour of unionization.

These actions, if proven true, would be a clear violation of the National Labour Relations Act, which protects workers’ rights to engage in collective bargaining and form unions. The law also prohibits employers from interfering with, restraining, or coercing employees in the exercise of these rights.

The allegations against Amazon have sparked outrage and concern among workers’ rights advocates and union supporters, who argue that these actions represent a blatant attack on workers’ rights and a danger to the democratic process’s integrity.

As a result of these developments, there have been calls for a thorough investigation into Amazon’s actions and for the company to be held accountable for any violations of labour laws. The outcome of this situation will be closely watched by workers, unions, and labour rights activists, as it has the potential to set a precedent for how companies treat workers who attempt to form unions.

By removing a message from an internal message board inviting employees to sign a petition to establish Juneteenth as a paid holiday in 2021, according to Green, Amazon also broke federal labour laws.

In conclusion, the allegations against Amazon have serious implications for workers’ rights and the future of unionization in the United States. It is important that the situation is thoroughly investigated and that the company be held accountable for any violations of labour laws. The right to form unions and engage in collective bargaining is a fundamental right that must be protected.


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