Key to success- A lesson from the life of Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaikh

Even a school-age youngster knows that Nowhera Shaik is the wealthiest Indian woman, with one lakh crore net worth.
But do you know what it took to build the Heera Group, a Rs 1 lakh empire? Most of you are familiar with India’s richest men and their stories, but do you know these facts about women? It’s something that didn’t cut my headline.
You should be aware, though, that “Heera Group founder and CEO Dr. Nowhera Shaik is the richest Indian woman.” She is a self-made billionaire; in the beginning, she worked as a vegetable vendor and taught the Quran to destitute local females. Her journey has taken me from a Quran teacher to the wealthiest Indian woman.
Nowhera has always aspired to be a successful businessman. She began selling veggies for her parents when she was five years old. This was her first entrepreneurship lesson. She then started buying and selling secondhand clothing. This is one of the most stunning parts of Nowhera Shaik’s biography.

Nowhera Shaik , her sucess story inspires the Youth Generation

She was after that introduced to gold trading. This was a watershed point in her entrepreneurial career. Nowhera formed several contacts with the women of the area while working as a Madrassa teacher. Nowhera used to purchase jewelry from a goldsmith and then sell it to local women.
The primary purpose of this firm was to empower women and provide them with financial independence. Nowhera is the founder and CEO of Heera Groups of Companies.
In 2010-11, Heera Group’s turnover was Rs. 27 lakhs, and it climbed to Rs 800 crore in 2017-19.
Nowhera understood from the start that to alter the system, you had to be a part of it. She chose to form her political party to serve the nation and its inhabitants directly.
Dr. Nowhera Shahik established the “All India Mahila Empowerment Party- (AIMEP)” with noble goals of encouraging and supporting women’s involvement in Indian elections. Dr. Shaik’s acts and words were intended to break down social taboos. She is outspoken on social and political issues, particularly those affecting women.


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