A Female Entrepreneur from Generation Z starts a new campaign to empower homemakers.

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Anamika Pandey, 24, an engineer from Uttar Pradesh, dropped out of her MBA program at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business to work for Bigbasket’s new venture, BBdaily, only to later depart to build her food product firm, Nazario.
Women’s Homemakers’ Campaign
Anamika desired to assist her mother and several other mothers in achieving their goals. Nazario, which sells natural and organic items made entirely by women, has launched an initiative to promote homemakers’ business endeavors. ‘Badge tabhi to Badloge – The world changes when you change’ is the campaign’s slogan.
The effort, which aims to give back to society, will motivate and assist hundreds of homemakers. Mario’s goal with this campaign is to show everyone scars, authentic experiences that every woman can connect to. The only distinction is that the women of Naario are aware of the phrase ki #badlogetabhitohbadloge.
Female-led businesses
“Nazario is a woman-owned and women-led organization that provides women opportunities across India,” says Anamika Pandey, Founder of Nazario. We assist women in infusing their artistic abilities with their quest for financial freedom. At Nazario, we democratize the process of creating outstanding cuisine and provide an opportunity for every woman to develop her own identity. We’ve only recently begun tackling these issues more directly.”
The women who have been a part of Nazario have witnessed minor and significant changes in their lives, from traveling alone to affording flight tickets for their entire family. “I purchased my first phone in 35 years,” one of the partners explained. This is the first time I’ve ever spent my own money.”
What Nazario is attempting to accomplish with this campaign and the business, in general, is to empower individuals, particularly women. To make well-balanced choices for themselves and their family, not only for food.


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